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The Simba-Kai Foundation is a registered NPO in Trinidad and Tobago. Our mission is to create a society where responsible pet ownership is valued, the stray animal population is significantly reduced, and the well-being of animals is prioritized.
Trinidad and Tobago has faced a persistent issue of an overwhelming surplus of stray cats and dogs. This surplus has led to overcrowded animal shelters, forcing them to resort to euthanasia, turn away animals, and constantly seek donations to feed the large number of animals under their care. 

Additionally, citizens who are determined to help are facing the heart-wrenching decision of spending a significant portion of their monthly incomes, sometimes up to 80% or even 95%, on rescuing stray animals. 

Compounding this unfortunate situation is the regrettable reality that some citizens are forced to abandon kittens and puppies because their pet or a stray animal gave birth on their property. 

Moreover, many stray animals, desperate for survival, enter the homes of unwelcoming citizens, causing property damage and leaving behind a mess. Not all citizens are open to embracing these animals. This cycle of challenges will persist until effective measures are put in place to regulate the stray population and manage pet ownership. Our foundation is committed to breaking this cycle.
Through a variety of projects, we are tackling the stray population head on. First and foremost, we will continue our field work, where we actively trap, neuter/spay, and release as many animals as possible. Additionally, we are conducting extensive research on the current issue, preparing informative materials and presentations to educate the public on combating animal suffering at its core. Lastly, we will collaborate with relevant authorities to propose cost-effective and practical solutions, such as policies, guidelines, and legislative changes, to ultimately address the issue at its core and eliminate strays from the streets of Trinidad and Tobago.
Long term, we envision a nation with regulated pet ownership that includes a pet registration system, mandatory spay/neuter laws, stricter animal protection measures, and a society that fosters a healthy relationship between its citizens and animals.
Short term, our objectives are to reduce the number of stray animals on the streets, minimize property damage and annoyance caused by strays, provide shelters with the opportunity to regain stability, and end the daily suffering of countless kittens and puppies resulting from unwanted births.

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