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We are incredibly grateful for the overwhelming response we have received for our Project 1: Spay & Neuter Initiative. In light of this enthusiastic support, we kindly request all those interested to complete the form provided below.

The form serves two important purposes. Firstly, it gathers essential information about the animal(s) in need of spaying or neutering, including their age, gender, and any specific health considerations. This data allows us to assess their requirements and provide tailored care when the funds become available.

Secondly, the form also functions as a waiting list for individuals seeking assistance. As we work diligently to secure sufficient funds for the initiative, this waiting list will help us prioritize and reach out to applicants as soon as we have the necessary resources to support their needs.

Your participation in completing the form will greatly aid us in organizing our efforts effectively and ensuring that we can assist as many animals as possible. Together, we can make a significant impact on controlling the pet population and promoting responsible pet ownership.


By volunteering with The Simba-Kai Foundation, you're becoming an essential part of our compassionate community. This form will help us learn more about you and how you'd like to contribute. Whether you're passionate about animal care, fundraising, event planning or advocacy, there's a place for you here. Thank you for your dedication and willingness to make a positive impact.


Adopting or fostering an animal is more than a choice; it's a heartfelt commitment to providing a temporary or permanent home, love, and care to an animal in need. It’s the decision to open your heart and your home, offering them a safe haven on their journey to a forever family. 

Adopting means giving an animal a lifelong companion, ensuring they feel loved and secure every day. Fostering, on the other hand, offers a crucial bridge for animals, preparing them for their permanent homes. In both roles, you're not just making a difference in their lives; they’ll have a profound impact on yours as well. 

Through fostering and adoption, you'll discover the immeasurable joy and fulfillment that come from knowing you've played a vital role in an animal's second chance at happiness. Join us in this rewarding journey and make a lasting difference.

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