Cat Rescue

By The Simba-Kai Foundation - September 27, 2023

On Sunday 17th September, 2023, we received information regarding a cat that was trapped in an enclosure in the blistering heat for several hours.

Two of our team members investigated and discovered that the cat was injured and struggling to cope with the scorching weather. We tried to find a way to free the cat on our own, but due to the structure of the enclosure this was impossible to do without causing severe property damage.
We visited the Wrightson Road Fire Station and a Firefighter greeted us at the security booth and took our complaint.
After formalizing our report, we were directed back to the location. Within minutes, the sound of approaching fire sirens signaled the arrival of five Firefighters. They assessed the situation and efficiently formulated a rescue plan. With coordination and precision, they executed the plan and successfully rescued the cat.
We are tremendously grateful to Firefighter Bonaparte, Firefighter Brown, Firefighter Marcell, Female Firefighter Warrel and Firefighter Davis of the Headquarters North White Shift for being extremely kind and considerate and safely rescuing this cat.
We are so grateful that the Firefighters acted quickly and treated our complaint with high level of concern and professionalism.
Some might wonder why such an elaborate rescue was needed for an animal and some may even disagree with the approach. However, this is very important as it highlights the need for a cultural shift concerning our approach to animal treatment in Trinidad and Tobago.
Aligning our protective services with animal welfare is not just about caring for animals, it's about fostering a safer, more compassionate Trinidad and Tobago.
Again, our sincerest thank you to the Firefighters of Headquarters North White Shift.

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