Project 1: Funding for Spaying & Neutering Initiative

We are seeking funding to continue our crucial field work of spaying and neutering cats and dogs. This project will run alongside our other initiatives mentioned above. While we recognize that we cannot spay/neuter and release animals as quickly as they reproduce, it is crucial to note that a pair of unaltered cats and dogs, along with their offspring, can produce approximately 5,000 kittens and 500 puppies respectively over a seven-year period. Therefore, every spay/neuter procedure we perform has a significant impact. 

We kindly request your support through donations to sustain our field work. Currently, we have secured the following rates for spaying/neutering: 
Prices quoted in TTD

Cats Spay: $400-$450
Cats Neuter: $350
Dogs Spay: $550-$600
Dogs Neuter: $450-$500

We will provide ongoing updates on all our social media platforms regarding the animals we trap, neuter/spay, and release.

Your Contribution Matters:
Any contribution you make will be greatly valued and will make a meaningful impact on the lives of these animals.

We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of transparency to foster a relationship of mutual trust between our foundation and all our supporters. Upon request, we will provide receipts for all spay/neuter procedures.
Thank you for consideration and support.

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